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Description I will solve the simple automata problems I will solve the complex automata problems. I will solve the advance automata problems.
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About This Proposal

I will solve Theory of Automata problems for you.

I have excellent skills to solve the problems of Automata ,


  • Kleene Star Operation
  • Kleene Plus Operation
  • Regular Expression (R.E)
  • Finite Automata (F.A)
  • Transition Graph (T.G)
  • General Transition Graph (G.T.G)
  • Deterministic Finite Automata (D.F.A)
  • Non Deterministic Finite Automata (N.D.F.A)
  • Finite Automata with output
  • Transition Table
  • Context Free Grammar (C.F.G)
  • NFA to DFA
  • e-NFA to NFA
  • CFG to FA
  • Ambiguity CFG
  • Chomsky Normal Form
  • Push Down Automata (P.D.A) 
  • PDA with Stack
  • Kleene’s Theorem
  • Moore machine 
  • Mealy machine
  • Turing Machine

I promise you:

  •  High-quality code 
  •  Revision (depend on you choose)
  •  Commented Code
  •  Satisfaction


Please contact me and send you requirements before ordering.

For additionally Requirements I can make a custom price for you.

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