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Live video per hour services



Live video per hour services will work only for Live Video per hour categories such as

  •     Lawyer consultation

  •     Doctor online visits

  •     Online teacher

  •     Babysitting online

  •     Cooking Lessons

  •     Craft Lessons

  •     Fitness Lessons

  •     Gaming

  •     Online Coding Lessons

  •     Online Language Lessons

  •     Online Lessons

  •     Online Music Lessons

  •     QA & Review

  •     Life Coaching

  •     Customer Care

  •     Video Tutorials

  •      Etc

Live video per hour will be Sending the following messages

  1.     Send Reminder Emails

  2.     Send Missed Video Session Emails

  3.     Send Warning Message When Video Session is Coming to an End

When a seller is creating a proposal and user chooses “Video Tutorials” or any other category that Live Video per hour has been enabled for.. A whole new video setting option will appear. There will be a whole tab in Create Proposal page that says “Video Settings”. This tab will have the following settings:

    Enable video calling (By default it will be enabled)

    Price per minute

Days within which a video session can be scheduled (For example 4 days, 6 days, etc.

When buyer is purchasing a proposal with Live Video per hour enabled, the proposal purchase section will have price text (for example) “$0.5 For 1 minute” (option above {Price per minute}) Then below that, another text that reads “How many minutes of video time do you wish to purchase?” This will have a number field where a buyer can enter the number of minutes. If the buyer enters 10 minutes, then the price to pay will be $5 + service fee (so 0.5 x 10).

When user picks a valid day and time, the seller gets an email with these details. The seller can log in and he/she will have two options “Accept Schedule  OR Propose Another Schedule” If the seller accepts schedule, an email will be sent to the buyer showing/confirming the day and time.

The system will be able to do the perfect time conversion. So if they are both in different time zones, the system will be able to get real-time for both. So If I am a buyer and I choose a schedule for Tuesday at 1 pm, and my seller (for example, James) accepts this, but his time for that schedule is 4 Pm. James will see his own time zone time. So James will see that I scheduled for 4 pm, since my 1 pm is his 4 pm. So there will be a perfect time conversion in the background

However, If the seller chooses “Propose Another Schedule” he can pick another day and time. The buyer will get an email with this proposal showing the appropriate day and time for his/her time zone, suggested by the seller. Buyer will also see two options “Accept Schedule OR Propose Another Schedule”

Once a time and date has finally been accepted by both buyer & seller, buyer and seller will get confirmation emails. They will also get a reminder email towards the schedule. Once they are both online, only the seller can initiate a video call. So the seller will click “Launch Video Call”

The video call will have a section whereby the seller and buyer can message each other as well as upload/exchange files.

The seller’s video screen will have more options. Options like:

    Extend Time (this will calculate based on the price per minute that seller set)

    Extend Time with Custom Amount

If seller clicks on “Extend Time” an option will appear that will have text that reads “How many more minutes do you wish to extend?” If seller types out 4 (for example) => an option will pop-up in the buyer’s screen with text that reads “$SellerName wishes to extend the time by 4 minutes. If you confirm, this will cost you an extra $2 (or $CustomAmount). Do you wish to confirm?” two options “Yes” or “No” If yes, the original payment method the buyer used to purchase that proposal will be charged, if “No’, nothing will be charged and seller will receive messages in the pop-up screen that reads “$buyerName declined your extension”

If the buyer accepts the extension, time will automatically increase, and popup notification will slide from left to right saying, “Time increased successfully.”

Both buyer and seller will have options: “End video session, Message area with emoji icons (with upload capability), ‘email message content to my email’ option”

Once the video session is coming to an end to 1 minute, when 1 minute approaches, a popup message will slide from bottom left to right with text “1 more minute(s) left for this video session”

If the time comes down to 0, the video session automatically ends, and the buyer & seller can then rate the order at that point.

Lives Video per hour Features Included

Live video per hour contains the following features.

  1.     Robust video chat system for sellers and buyers

  2.     A messaging system with images added to video chat for instant messaging and file transfer during a video chat session

  3.    Type status indicating to buyer and seller when someone is typing

  4.     Video chats ringtone to enable buyer to know when a video call is coming through

  5.     Calendar and time feature to allow the buyer to set a date and time when both of them are available doing the video chat

  6.     Recording feature for the buyer to have an option to record video chat and download in the .mp4 version

  7.     A time extension to give a seller the opportunity to extend the time. The buyer will have to approve the time extension notification and manually effect payment before time is extended.

  8.     Email notifications. Email and website notifications for every step of the process.

  9.     Responsive on every device

Seller Screenshot

seller screen

Lives Video per hour Screenshot

Buyer see Lives Video per hour Service as follow 

When a buyer purchases a Live Video per hour service, that buyer will have to pick a time he or she is available within the “Days within which a video session can be scheduled” Meaning if the seller sets only 2 days, the buyer can only pick a time within 2 days after purchase. This option will appear on the order page.

(Buyer’s View)

The seller receives an email. The seller can accept the proposed time availability from the buyer, or propose another time.

(Seller’s View)

Once both seller and buyer finally settle on a date and time, they will both get a a confirmation email and the video button will appear on the seller’s screen. Now even though both seller and buyer agree on a time, the seller still has the power to initiate the video call anytime, as long as the video the call button is present. This means if for some reason the buyer is willing to do a call earlier than the accepted date, the seller can initiate the call.

(Seller’s View)

Once a call is initiated, the buyer will get a ringtone

(Seller’s View)

Once the call is initiated, the buyer gets a ringtone, and this notification

(Buyer’s View)

The seller the screen on Live Video per hour video call has more options. There is “Extend Time”, “Extend Time With Custom Amount” and “Message”  with “Extend Time”, if the seller chooses 6 minutes. It will extend the time and charge the buyer $3 (That is if the seller is charging $0.50 per minute) However, with  “Extend Time With Custom Amount” the seller gets an extra field. So seller can extend the time by 6 minutes but manually add a custom price, say, $2. In the image below, “Extend Time with Custom Amount” was chosen. Also, the system shows you when the remaining time is left, as per the setting above in the first image.

(Seller’s View)

Buyer has to manually accept or decline an extension. You can also see that buyer’s the screen has two options “Start Video Call Recording” and “Messages”

(Buyer’s View)

When the buyer accepts an extension, the buyer pays, and times increase automatically.

(Buyer’s View)

The buyer can also record the session by clicking on “Start Video Call Recording” and it starts recording. Also note, when time is increased, buyer and seller will both receive a notification

(Buyer’s View)

Live Video per hour comes with a message area that allows file sharing and instant messaging. This is separate from the inbox messaging built into the Live Video per hour platform.

(Seller’s View)

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