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Copywriting Services

Copy writing

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Are you looking for someone to provide persuasive Copy-writing services? To turn words into cash?

Then you are in the right place

I am a Copywriter

I use words to sell MORE products and services to MORE people , in order to make MORE MONEY for my Clients.    


I provide persuasive and emotional words that grabs the attention of Clients, so as to make them take a specified action .

My writing goal is primarily to solve a lot of peoples through the products and services provided by my Clients.

My area of expertise in copywriting are but not limited to the following capacities;

Emails (i.e Daily Emails, Email Newsletter, Auto responder(Drip) Campaign, Product Launch    emails,B2B sales Emails, Affiliate Email swipe files etc)


Landing Page copy

Presell-Pages copy

Seo Articles

FB Ads

Google Ads Copy

Blog post

Video sales Letter Copy

Long sales Page

White Paper

Webinar Script

Speech Writing

Pitch Deck

Catalog Copy

Quiz Questions

 product Description


Press Releases

Direct Mail

Survey Funnel


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  • MDovewas

    Nothing is done as he says, Copywriting is the worst part from him.
    Jun 20 2022

  • There is currently no positive review for this proposal/service.

  • MDovewas

    Nothing is done as he says, Copywriting is the worst part from him.
    Jun 20 2022

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