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About This Proposal

18 years of marriage guarantees our service, where the good has dominated 98% of our love story, but we add 8 infidelities. I will show you how we managed to overcome this massive number of infidelities.

  • Our approach is spiritual of renewal of the couple, cleansing of the past that triggers in its present, and psychological approach.
  1. I will teach you to evaluate and determine if it is worth fighting or looking for a way out of a toxic or unhealthy relationship.
  2. Deal with the consequences of an infidelity, and without succumbing in the attempt.
  3. Reconnect with yourself and realize your full potential when you feel like you've lost yourself in the relationship.
  4. Identify and understand the emotions and behaviors resulting from infidelity.
  5. Eliminating dysfunctional patterns.
  6. Learn healthy strategies to regulate your emotions.
  7. Reframe past life events and analyze the emotions they trigger and how they shape your present.
  8. Understand the importance of meeting their needs.
  9. Communicate thoughts and emotions in a healthy and effective way.
  10. Identify and manage the differences between the sexes.

Spiritual and psychological cleansing.

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  • MIroko

    thank you for your good practical advice
    May 21 2022

  • MIroko

    thank you for your good practical advice
    May 21 2022

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