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Up to 450 words translated perfectly

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Are you looking for someone to translate your documents from English to Spanish? Then you come to the right place!

I will translate anything that you need (from English to Spanish & vice-versa).

I'm currently not doing voiced-translations.

You can always message me first, so we can discuss your plan and needs, as in, how many words you need to translate, how quickly you want it done, etc.

I'm open to translate any kind of material, so feel free to ask for more information!

1 Reviews 5.0

  • MGrebe

    Perfect translation thank you for your good work
    Jun 04 2022

  • MGrebe

    Perfect translation thank you for your good work
    Jun 04 2022

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I'm Shuri, 28 years old, student & currently working a part-time job! I'm a graphic designer, photoshop expert with 14 years of experience. I specialize in translations, too. I've translated some games & some mobile apps before (from ENG to ESP). Although it's not what I do for a living, it's someth

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