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Digital Education Technology Expert

Create course curriculum, pedagogy design, content development, video production, narration n all...

3 Days Delivery
5 Revisions
  • Topic Research
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Stock Footage
  • Titles & Graphics
  • On-camera Presenter
  • 10 Lessons

I am a post graduate and currently pursuing my PhD... I can create a course based on your needs. I am a certified instructional designer with hands on experience in creating courses, pedagogical design, content design and development, PPT designs, templates, writing and editing transcripts, create animated videos, illustrations to your videos/content, edit videos, voiceover, narration, deliver the content across any platform... wordpress/youtube/blogs/LMS/google etc., if you need any suggestions on content delivery... be it free/commercial i can help...

1 Reviews 4.0

  • MDimwit

    She is a well experienced tutor with a lot of experience.
    Jun 19 2022

  • MDimwit

    She is a well experienced tutor with a lot of experience.
    Jun 19 2022

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Hi, I am an expert in content development, course creation, pedagogy design, course structuring and delivery across various platforms. I have hands on experience to design your course, develop content, create videos, transcripts and assessments as per your requirements. I can edit your educational v

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